Umakaaji Surigoma(Shiro)

Umakaaji Surigoma(Shiro) photo

Product features

The sesame seeds are roasted over high heat and ground to a coarse powder to give them the texture that comes by using a mortar. As the grains are left intact, you can enjoy the texture as well.
Carefully ground sesame is sweet and easy to eat, therefore, making it addictive.

Cooking examples

  • Dipping Udon noodles with plenty of ground sesame
  • Daikon radish flavored with sesame miso, and a hint of Yuzu citrus
  • Deep fried tofu and bok choi seasoned with sesame
  • Korean pickle of carrots and burdock root
  • Bamboo shoot and wakame seaweed soup
  • Fried noodles with sesame and leeks

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