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Product features

Fragrantly roasted sesame seeds are ground and carefully kneaded into a smooth paste. It is 100% sesame and no additives are used.
As it doesn't have any additives, it is like a hard, dry paste on the bottom with a thick film of oil on the top.
It comes in a very easy-to-use pouch that can be used to break up the whole container even if it separates.

It is characterized by a faint sweetness, and goes well with Japanese food as well as toasted bread, ramen, and ice cream toppings.

Cooking examples

  • Tuna, vegetable and sesame sandwich
  • Chinese steamed chicken
  • Ice cream with white sesame
  • Ice cream with black sesame sauce
  • Black sesame toast
  • Soy milk hot cocoa with black sesame flavor

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