Kawamuki Type Irigoma

Kawamuki Type Irigoma photo

Product features

This is Shinsei's signature product, "Kawamuki Type Irigoma (roasted hulled sesame seeds)."
As the sesame seed coat is exceptionally thick, it is difficult to digest if eaten as it is. We peel the sesame seeds, which makes it easier to digest them and absorb the rich nutrients. No chemicals are used to peel them, therefore, they are safe and tasty.
These seeds are easy to eat because they have a nut-like flavor and no peculiar taste, and are used not only for Japanese but also for Western and Chinese food, as well as for making sweets. It goes well with all. Please give them a try!

Cooking examples

  • Shrimp seasoned with sesame and mayonnaise
  • Sesame dumpling
  • Sesame meatball
  • Red rice with sakura shrimp and dried seaweed
  • Crispy grilled chicken wings with sesame
  • Bacon risotto with sesame

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