Soft Kinako (Soy Bean Flour)

Soft Kinako (Soy Bean Flour) photo

Product features

<Monde Selection Gold Award Winner>

The rich flavor of black sugar and delicate sweet flavor of malt sugar is added to soybean flour with sesame powder. The sweet flavored soybean flour spreads and melts in your mouth. It also includes oligosaccharide. It goes well with mochi (rice cake), ice cream, yoghurt, toast, or milk for making soybean flour latte.

Cooking examples

  • Kinako Dutch baby pancake & Kinako custard cream
  • Hot soy milk Kinako latte
  • Shaved ice with plenty of Kinako
  • Melty butter toast
  • Cremet d'Anjou style greek yogurt
  • Melty kinako warabi-mochi

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