Skin Removed Sesame

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Product features

This is our famous "Skin Removed Sesame". The skin of sesames are quite thick and difficult to digest. The skin is removed for this product, allowing to easily digest and take in the rich nutrients of sesames. The product can be enjoyed safely as no chemicals are used for removing the skin. The taste is mild and its nut-like fragrance makes it more enjoyable to eat. Apart from Japanese dishes, it also goes well with western food, Chinese food, and also for making sweets. We hope you try it.

Cooking examples

  • Shrimp seasoned with sesame and mayonnaise
  • Sesame dumpling
  • Sesame meatball
  • Red rice with sakura shrimp and dried seaweed
  • Crispy grilled chicken wings with sesame
  • Bacon risotto with sesame

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