Organic Ground White Sesame

Organic Ground White Sesame photo

Product features

This product is made by carefully grounding roasted organic JAS certified sesame. Enjoy the rich flavor of the sesame. The organic JAS mark is given to organic products that pass the following strict production standards. Crops that are grown in fields that have not used any prohibited pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least 2 years before seeding and planting. Prohibited pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used during cultivation. Genetic modification technology is not used.

Cooking examples

  • Lotus root kinpira
  • Grilled Japanese amberjack marinated with spicy sesame & miso sauce
  • Grilled rice ball with sesame & soy sauce flavor
  • Kenchinjiru soup (soup with various vegetables)
  • Salmon & avocado pasta with sesame cream sauce
  • Cold egg noodle with Sichuan style sesame sauce

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