Soft Kinako (Soy Bean Flour) + Hyaluronic Acid

Soft Kinako (Soy Bean Flour) + Hyaluronic Acid photo

Product features

<Monde Selection Gold Award Winner>

This is a food with function claims that has added hyaluronic acid to our popular soft Kinako (soybean flour). It helps to maintain healthy skin, as it includes 120mg of hyaluronic acid, which reduces skin dehydration. Around 10g per day is the ideal amount to take in. Please enjoy by mixing with milk or yoghurt.

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Cooking examples

  • Kinako flavored pancake with mochi rice cake
  • Kinako soy milk donut
  • Rolled barley & beans granola
    - Ginger flavored hot sweet sake with kinako soy milk -
  • Quinoa & steamed veggies with kinako dressing
  • Kinako & maccha steamed cake
  • Sticky barley & kinako hot milk

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