Company Message


I want to make everuone smaile.

Sesame, the fruit of nature's richness, offers an excellent flavor that goes well with any dish. We want to support people in developing healthy bodies by consuming sesame seeds, and provide energy and make customers smile.
We will continue to offer delicious sesame seeds to bring more happiness to your table every day.


Shinsei's Corporate Philosophy

Shinyu's (Shinsei Group's employees) ideal philosophy is to ensure "Sincerity and Integrity."
We hope to spread the culture of good health across the world by offering and selling products that make people happy and healthy. We sincerely hope to improve people's health, find joy in that, and remain passionate about it.

Greeting from the President


Bringing the Culture of Health
to the World

Shinsei was named based on the founding principle of "Sincerity and Integrity."
In 1984, we introduced a new corporate philosophy with the aim of realizing the spirit and culture of the company's founding, which is, "to provide products and services that make people happy and healthy." Shinyu's (Shinsei Group's employees) philosophy is "to spread the culture of health across the world", and we have achieved it.
We hope to continue being a company that sincerely works toward ensuring good health, finds joy in that, and remains passionate about it.

Shinsei's theme is "nature and health."


This is symbolized in the company emblem.
The refreshing nature is compared to the orange "sun" and is superimposed on the green initial "S" of Shinsei to express a dynamic human being or "health."
The happiest human beings are healthy, and health is an eternal theme for mankind.
Shinyu pledges to ensure "spreading the culture of health across the world," as we continue our activities, and to get as close as possible to the realization of Shinyu's philosophy.

Bringing smiles to people through sesame.


Shinsei is a food manufacturer focusing on "sesame seeds."
Sesame has been popular all over the world for thousands of years, and it is a seed with unlimited potential to condense the nutrition of nature. It's all in a small grain.

From the time that the company was founded, we have focused on sesame seeds and have been working to help promote people's health through the seed. In 2011, on the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we changed our corporate message to, "Bringing a smile to everyone's face," and we will continue to do so in future. This is the reason why we decided to change our logo to reflect this attitude.
The purpose of this change is to further clarify the significance of our existence as a company, and to renew our commitment to it. In terms of food safety, we received the FSSC 22000 certification in March 2015. We are constantly working to improve food safety so that our customers can enjoy their food with peace of mind.

"Nature and Health," brings smiles to people's faces. Our corporate philosophy is, "to be a company that hopes for people's health and finds joy in that itself." Shinsei will continue to move forward. We thank you for your continued support.

Corporate Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy

  • The Shinsei Group is committed to ensuring that all employees are aware of the company's policy and understand the expectations and needs of our customers. We try our best to ensure the same.
  • The Shinsei Group strives to provide quality products that are trusted and satisfy our customers. They offer "safety and security" for our customers."
  • The Shinsei Group prioritizes food safety and hygiene, and strives to communicate with customers and all employees to ensure thorough risk management.
  • The Shinsei Group will pursue an effective quality and food safety management system and continuously improve quality. We will strive to improve.
  • The Shinsei Group has clarified the competencies required for its operations, and has established an awareness of "quality" and "safety and security." We will continue to strive to improve.
  • The Shinsei Group is committed to creating a pleasant and creative work environment by promoting improvement activities.
  • The Shinsei Group will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and requirements.
  • The Shinsei Group is committed to providing "safe and secure" products for consumers, and at the same time, we will strive to make the necessary profits.

Environmental Policy

  • The Shinsei Group will establish an "Environmental Management System" and strive for continuous improvement activities.
  • The Shinsei Group strives to save resources and energy and reduce waste while conducting business activities.
  • The Shinsei Group will work with the suppliers to conserve the environment during each process.
  • The Shinsei Group complies with the laws, regulations, and established requirements related to the environment.
  • The Shinsei Group will set clear environmental targets and strive to improve its awareness regarding environmental protection.

Buying Guidelines

Buying Ethics The Shinsei Group will select raw materials and suppliers based on a comprehensive evaluation of quality, price, stable supply, and environmental considerations.
Legal Compliance and Ethics The Shinsei Group will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and requirements in purchasing activities.
Fair Access The Shinsei Group will deal fairly and impartially with all suppliers during transactions.
Responsibility Toward the Community The Shinsei Group will make an effort to fulfill its social responsibility, as a company, in terms of resource protection and environmental conservation.
Green Procurement The Shinsei Group takes care of the environment during purchasing activities and promotes green procurement.